New Year 2018 Quotes for Facebook status or messages

Check out the below collection of Happy New Year Quotes for Facebook status. Get ready for the biggest celebrations and the very first day of the year. As the whole world will celebrate the New Year in hundreds of different ways of their own, New Year wishes will also travel from one mobile to other, through the Facebook posts, status or other social networking sites.

We have shared here great collections of best and wonderful 2018 New Year Quotes that you can send to your groups and people you want to wish through Facebook messages. You can also set these Happy New Year Quotes as your Facebook status if you don’t have enough time to send them individually to every friend.  The Happy 2018 New Year brings a time when many friends revive their friendships, many lovers rekindle the flame of their love and many soured relations are set right.

Happy 2018 New Year lovely Quotes for Facebook

Since it s time to set everything alright, whey not send the right words for this loveliest time and wish your people with our compilations of Quotes and Wishes. Let your facebook buzz with the latest and best Happy 2018 New Year Quotes. Here are some top New Year Quotes to share with friends over facebook or other social networking sites. Have a look on the below provided collection.

  • Coming of New Year brings lots of hopes, promises and challenges! Lets lace up for the New Year and its beautiful journey of 365 days! Wishing everyone a smashing and dashing New Year!

  • May love grow and humanity finds more place in the coming year! Happy New Year to everyone.

  • Let the freshness of the New Year spread throughout the year making our spirits bright and blooming with joy and courage! Lots of New Year Wishes!

  • May all the happiness in the world be yours,
    May tears never be in your eyes,
    I wish you find and open all the doors,
    To happiness and win the life.
    Happy New Year to you,

  • May your dreams come true!
    May love be always there for you!
    May your happiness be endless!
    May all your dreams come true!
    I love you so much my dear.
    And I wish you a Happy New Year

  • May smile be always on your face,
    And have nothing to worry.
    May it be easy for your to chase,
    All your dreams and never be sorry.
    May the New Year be really successful!

  • May light be always on your way,
    May scent of flowers follow you,
    May full of good emotions be your day,
    May all the happiness be for you.
    I wish you a happy new year!

  • I wish you have fortune, money
    May your soul be happy too, dear.
    May your future be bright and sunny,
    May your heart have no worries, no fear,
    May your mind be calm and clear,
    And may you have a happy new year!

  • Old year is out and freshness and happiness is renewed again for the great coming of the Year 2018! Lots of good wishes for New Year.

  • 2017 is bidding goodbye and 2018 is setting in! Drive your dreams faster, gear up your ambitions for the coming Year. Have the most successful and amazing Year ahead!

  • Wishing you a dashing 365 days, 12 happy successful months and glorious moments to enjoy in 2018!

  • May warmth be always in your home,
    May all the love be in your heart,
    Happy new year my friend, and cheers,
    For this one and all the coming years!

  • As the hands of the clock dawn on a New Year,
    let us recharge the clock of our lives to a newer path,
    with a newer direction,
    heading towards a newer destination.
    Wish You a Happy New Year!

  • A reason to live,
    A reason to love,
    A reason to smile,
    That is all what New Year is all about.
    Wish You a Happy New Year!

  • New Year brings the time to wish all that is best to all the best friends! Happy New Year Friends!

  • Have a fun-filled, rocking and most happening New Year ahead! Happy 2018 Wishes!

  • New Year is about getting ready to face new challenges with new courage and hope! Have a successful and blooming year!

  • Let us make a resolution to rejoice the old year,
    for it gave us a reason to hope,
    and expect the best in the New Year.
    Wish You a Happy New Year!

  • New Year is a time to look back and reflect,
    at the moments left unleashed for a brighter day,
    and for a brighter hope worth living and loving.
    Wish You a Happy New Year!

  • Changing dates and calendars are forms of New Year! Changing attitudes and focus are spirits of New Year!

  • Gear up your commitments and fulfill your promises with all your heart and mind in the coming Year! Have a lovely and blasting New Year!

  • Make a resolution to brighten up your surroundings with our sweet smile and kind gestures! Happy New Year Wishes and Greetings!

  • Walk your path in your style, work out your way and live life fully! Have a rocking year!
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